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The Advantages of Dredge Suction Hose

The thickness of the inner rubber of the dredging hose: depending on the medium, the range is large, the smallest 15mm, the thickest 60-70mm

Advantages of the dredging suction hose

1. Light weight of the dredge suction hose, only one eighth of the weight of a steel pipe. Flanged joints are used. Easy to install, dismantle and transport when in use, which shortens the working time. Increase the economic efficiency.

dredge hose

2. The mud suction pipe has good flexibility and elasticity, and the wall of the pipe will not break when it is folded. It can be bent in the water and has good resistance to storm waves. What's more, we do not need to lay and repair the ground when connecting in a roughness range of 30 degrees.

3. 4-8 times more resistant to abrasion than steel pipes for a longer service life, the pipes are UV and ageing resistant.

4. Lengths of 6-12 meters or customized. The movable flange is on both sides and bolted to ensure that the shape of the pipe mouth does not change. It guarantees the installation and dismantling without breakage or leakage during use for long-term use. Therefore, it can guarantee the high efficiency of transportation.

dredge hose

5. Smooth inner and outer surfaces, low coefficient of friction, 20-30% higher transport efficiency than steel pipes.

6. It can be used for a long time both in water and on land, with low cost and more safety.