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Floating rubber hose

Floating rubber hose is mainly used for dredger in waterway dredging project which will transport the silt and gravels, generally the appropriate transporting medium is mud, clay, silver sand, coarse sand and so on. The suitable temperature is from -20 to 50ºC.

Floating rubber hose Characteristic:

1.High-quality and excellent abrasion-resistant inner rubber, including indicator layer with three abrasive color.

2.Separate sealing foam layer without water sucking, which can supply buoyancy.

3.During the working time, the hose emergency above water is not less than 20% of whole total volume(according to the requirement of client)

4.Outer rubber of excellent anti-aging and corrosion-resistance.

5.Withstanding higher working pressure.

6.The maximum working angle can reach 0-90 degree; it also has excellent elastic recovery capability.

7.With low working center of gravity, favorable wave-resistant ability and excellent working stability.

8.Other technical parameter can be made according to the client's requirement.

Floating rubber hose     Floating rubber hose