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Dredged rubber hose Wear resistance properties

Dredging hoses are commonly used for dredging, drainage, sand removal, etc. Known. Do you know why dredging hoses are used? This is because dredging hoses have an absolute advantage in dredging works.

1. The dredging hose is extremely resistant to wear, the molecular weight is more than 2.5 million, is 4-6 times the ordinary rubber tube.

2. The anti-impact performance of the dredging hose is good, and the cantilever beam impact test is realized according to GB1843 standard.

3. The dredging hose is not easy to foul and has a good surface without adhesion.

4. The life of the dredging hose exceeds 500,000 times, more than twice the service life of ordinary rubber.

5. The installation of the dredging hose is simple, the flange connection is fast and convenient, greatly reducing the installation and construction cost of the pipe.

6. The dredging hose is a saturated molecular structure that resists the corrosion of strong chemicals.

7. The dredging hose is self-lubricated and contains waxy material in the tube, with a coefficient of friction of only 0.219mn / m.

8. The dredging hose has unique low temperature resistance, with a temperature resistance between -269 c-80 degrees C and constant wear resistance.

Dredging hoses are the special adhesive spree of dredging works, dredging is an auxiliary product for dredging construction and dredging, mainly used for dredging, dredging, dredging, port construction and reclamation, seabed mining, etc. Offshore pipelines are used to transport oil and tankers, tankers and RIGS, between tankers and terminals. Although they are of different nature, they are similar in operating environment, structure and production process. Some manufacturers also produce both products.

Dredged rubber hose Wear resistance properties     Dredged rubber hose Wear resistance properties