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  • Dredge Rubber Hose

    Dredge Rubber Hose

    Dredge Rubber Hose (with steel flange) is assembled with dredgers to deliver silt and gravels. Wall thickness of the pipe is from 31MM to 58MM. The suitable working temperature is from -20C to 60C. It is convenient to install, flexible to u... ...More>>

  • Dredging Suction Mud Hose

    Dredging Suction Mud Hose

    The tube body of dredging mud hose can be different according to the conveying medium, the internal glue layer can take different materials accordingto, has achieved a good use effect, and the tube body can be built-in spiral wire skeleton... ...More>>

  • Why Rubber Expansion Joints?

    Why Rubber Expansion Joints?

    Rubber expansion joints are designed to relieve mechanical stressors; they can be made from many materials including stainless steel, Polytetrafluoroethylene and braided flexible metal. Rubber expansion joints are particularly beneficial du... ...More>>

  • Rubber Dredge Discharge Hose

    Rubber Dredge Discharge Hose

    Dredge Discharge hoses can be equipped with all the different types of flanges They are available in any size, burst pressure up to 150 bar. Liner thickness specified applies to the inside of the hose as well as the flanges. Tricolour wear... ...More>>

  • Dredge Self-floating Discharge Hose

    Dredge Self-floating Discharge Hose

    Description of Dredge Self-floating Discharge Hose : Hi-sea Dredge Self-floating Discharge Hose is widely used in dredging project. Dredge self-floating discharge hose is the major part of the self-floating hose pipeline.It can be used for... ...More>>