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Overview of Dredging Hose

Dredging hose mainly has floating dredging hose and suction type dredging hose. Floating dredging hose is easy to connect by pipe, reducing the swing caused by waves. Make the media more open in the pipe. An attractive dredging hose is connected to a rubber hose that extends the life of the shear pipe on a shear pipe fittings.

Floating dredging Hose has:
1. High wear resistance, anti-ultraviolet rubber layer;
2. Wear indicator color layer
3. Independent foam floating layer; seal does not suck water; surface part is not less than 20% of the overall area;
4. High quality, strong wear-resistant rubber
5. Bending angle; Working state can bend angle 0-45° and other characteristics.

The suction mud dredging hose is mainly used for dredging vessels to absorb sediment. Thick wall 31-58 mm. Suitable temperature of -20℃ to -50℃ degrees Celsius. Easy to install, flexible to use, safe, wear-resistant, resistant to curvature

VH production of dredging hose has the following advantages: With high pressure, small bending radius, strong anti-fatigue performance, long service life and so on, generally using the overall vulcanization method to make the flange and pipe body connected, when the working pressure increases can be used buckle type connection. Application range: Can transport mud, sediment and other internal adhesive layer wear resistance requirements of the medium, but also can transport acid and alkali, chemical solvents and other internal adhesive layer corrosion resistance requirements of the medium, but also can transport gasoline, diesel, lubricating oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, kerosene and other polar oils.