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The advantages of our factory

VH Dredging Hose features “customized” heavy-duty, wear-resistant constructions employing the finest grades of natural and synthetic rubber and fabric. Produced in hard and soft-wall constructions, Dredging Hose is quality-based with over 30 years of experience in handmade hose design and manufacturing.

VH engineers and manufactures the complete hose assembly from formulation of all rubber compounds to vulcanizing the finished hose. This is your assurance that all raw materials used in production are compatible with each other and most suitable for the intended use of the hose.

If your requirements include flexibility, stability, vibration damping or resistance to abusive handling, special ends or no ends at all

With years of compounding experience behind us, and expert, in-house engineers available to work with you, we are confident that we will provide a dredge hose solution to meet your specific requirements. The Dredge Hose range includes both suction and discharge dredge hoses, other designs are also available.