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Dredge Hose Advantage

1. The dredging hose is highly flexible and is easy to install and remove due to its unique flange structure.

2. The dredging hose has excellent stability, special reinforcement resists kinks and shocks, eliminating lining protrusions and vortex.

3. The pipe of the dredging hose is resistant to wear and corrosion because it is made of a mixture of natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

4. The dredging hose housing is made of SBR or neoprene and is resistant to cutting, aging, climate, ozone and sunlight.

5. The dredging hose can transport seawater, silt and sand and is widely used in various dredging projects.

6. The diameter, length and wall thickness of the dredging hose strap can be customized for the construction and maintenance of spills, ports and terminals.

7. The special material and structure of the dredging hose has a long service life.

Dredge Hose Advantage     Dredge Hose Advantage