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Single Carcass Submarine Hose

Floating oil hose and submarine oil hose offers hoses solutions for the offshore transport of crude oil and petroleum products up to 50% aromatics on marine docks, ships and barges in normal pressure for terminals worldwide.  floating oil hose are qualified according to OCIMF 2009, widely used in CALM System, SALM System, MBM System, Tandem Mooring System. The working pressure can be 15bar in extreme operating conditions. Cargo oil hose and floating oil hose both wear colored indicator layer, and have good gas tightness and conductivity. Floating oil hose employs layers of foam to give the required buoyancy with excellent flexibility, no water absorption, low buoyancy decay. 

Single Carcass Submarine Hose
Technical parameters Single Carcass Submarine Hose :
Characteristics: good flexiblity, low temperature, good conductivity, ozone and ethane resistance
Working pressure: 15 bar
Test pressure: 22.5bar
Temperature range: -30 to +85 °C
Safety factor: 1:5
Flow rate: 21m/s
Bending radius: 4*ID
Hose Lining: NBR synthetic materials
Reinforcement layer: high tensile textile with stainless steel helix
Cover layer: CR synthetic low temperature resistance materials
Single Carcass Submarine Hose Characters: 
1. Inner cover with excellent abrasion resistant and high quality. 
2. Outer cover with excellent ageing resistance and corrosion resistance.
3. Wearing colored indicator layer.
4. embeded antistatic copper wire for good gas tightness and conductivity
5. Easy installation,good adhesion,long service life, easy assembly.
6. The large diameter can be up to 1300mm. 
7. Other technical parameters can be made by clients' requirements  
Single Carcass Submarine Hose     Single Carcass Submarine Hose