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Floating Hose Various Types

A floating hose supplies vessels and offshore platforms with liquids, such as chemicals, fuels or drinking water. VH assembles both single carcass as well as double carcass hoses.

A floating hose has a special construction. This leads to the following benefits:

●An extra outer layer creates buoyancy over the long length of the hose (the hose can never be submerged);

●The smooth outer surface of the hose ensures that the hose cannot get stuck on railings of a ship when being retrieved;

●Bright markings improve visibility in the water.

VH supplies various types of floating hoses both single carcass as well as double carcass hoses. We assemble hoses and hose couplings in almost any length, diameter and type.

Single Carcass: A single carcass hose is capable to withstand the demands of the world’s most exposed offshore installations. This hose consists of the tube, spiral reinforcement and cover layers.

Double Carcass: A double carcass hose is an anti-pollution hose. When the primary carcass leaks, the secondary carcass remains intact and takes over. In that way, oil spillage and environmental damage will be prevented.

Assembly And Identification:
Hoses can be assembled in almost any length, diameter and type you require. If desired, hoses can be tagged for identification with (coloured) labels.

Floating Hose Various Types